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Jun 24 / 2021

When Provigil is a good helper?

In certain neurological conditions, people suffer from severe sleep disorders resulting in sudden sleepiness during daytime and at the same time inability to sleep at night. Such disorders are mostly common in narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia, neurotic disorders, brain injuries, and even depression. The mild cases, when sleepiness can be fought with caffeine and is caused by the insufficient nighttime sleep do not require special treatment. Though if a person feels that he/she tend to be uncontrollably sleepy even in sufficient rest, they should address a therapist and undergo a medical checkup. In case no serious illnesses are diagnosed, a doctor may prescribe or recommend Modafinil or Provigil, which are identical drugs marketed under different trademarks.

Where to buy Provigil?

In the majority of countries, Provigil is sold only with a prescription. The regulations do not allow to buy Provigil without a prescription to avoid misuse or drug abuse. However, people who have already been prescribed Provigil and simply do not want to waste their money on a regular visit to a therapist can order Provigil online without a prescription or using their older prescriptions.
Worth noting that online you can usually buy generic Provigil. In fact, it is the same drug which is simply sold under other market names. Be sure, however, to check the Provigil dosage when buying. For example, if a doctor prescribed you 200 mg a day, do not buy Provigil 400 mg and then try dividing a pill.

Advantages of buying generic Provigil

First and most significant advantage of generic Provigil is its price. A product with an advertized brand name costs much more only because of the money spend on marketing.  Therefore, you can save up to 80% of the price opting for generic Provigil. Moreover, being relieved from the necessity to go to a practitioner for a prescription you can save on regular payments that are not covered by your insurance.


Even if you think that you have a sleep disorder, you should never make a self-diagnosis and start using Provigil without proper checkup and a doctor’s recommendation. Sleepiness may be caused by a vast variety of disorders and conditions, starting from mild gastrointestinal tract disorder to cancer. Start using Provigil only after being diagnosed by a certified medic with a condition that is listed in Provigil indications for use. Comply with the dosages prescribed by your therapist. Even if you were prescribed the drug months ago and now avoid going to doctor to get prescriptions and prefer buying Provigil online, make sure not to use higher doses to avoid side effects occurrence and overdose.