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Jun 26 / 2021

Why Genetic Provigil is better than Provigil

People diagnosed with narcolepsy or other neurological conditions that result in wakefulness disorder are doomed to take the prescribed medicines every day throughout the lifetime. Not only it’s not very convenient, it is extremely costly. However, narcolepsy to date cannot be treated completely, so the only way to make a patient’s life easier is to prescribe him or her amphetamine-like stimulants (such as Provigil) to treat sleepiness in daytime and antidepressants to maintain healthy night sleep.

How to Save Money and Receive a Qualitative Treatment?

Though it might seem impossible that you can still save being recommended to take expensive medicines on a daily basis, it is possible. The key to the saving is buying Provigil online. In general, buying products online is cheaper than in regular stores and drug stores. The reasons behind it are the lower operational costs, lack of high rent payments, advertising, and so on. However, you should take note of a few tips in order to get the right medicine:

  • Prescription medicines that are marketed in the USA in other countries are sold under different brand names. Therefore, be ready to see on a page of a pharmacy or a package of the medicine the name Generic Provigil, Modafinil, Generic Modafinil, Alertec, Modavigil and others.
  • When buying Provigil without a prescription, make sure to check the dosage as it may differ from the drug sold in your country.
  • If you are unsure that the medicine is identical to Provigil, check the ingredients list or ask about the ingredients customer support managers of the online pharmacy you plan to use if the information is unavailable at the web page.
  • It is legal to buy medicines without a prescription outside your country of residence, but it’s illegal to purchase them for further sale. Be sure to recommend your friends a reliable online pharmacy selling Provigil instead of ordering the drug for them.
  • Some online pharmacies will sell you generic Provigil without asking for a prescription, others will ask for a prescription for a previous month or several months.


You buy medicines online at your own risk. Make sure to adhere to the recommended doses of Provigil and make breaks in its intake if your doctor says so. All medicines and especially prescription ones should be taken carefully as they may cause dependency and a wide range of side effects. If after the intake of generic Provigil you feel any discomfort, immediately stop using the medicine and address your therapist.