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Jul 10 / 2021

Wise pills Modafinil

The wise questions about the wise pills.

Pills, created to treat illnesses, become a kind of modern doping for everybody. In such a manner, nootropic preparations, which were created to treat narcolepsy, attention deficit disorders, are positioned like preparations, increasing workability. They became the Viagra for our brain. It is very difficult to promote and keep up a high life tempo without any additional preparations – stimulants. They are all the generic Modafinil preparations, which help to stay awake for more than 40 hours, keeping up our physical and psychical forces without any side effects. It is the kind of medicine, moving a time.

I want to order Modafinil. How dangerous is it?

There is a lot of information in the different sources about the preparations, stimulating our activity. It doesn’t mean they are absolutely safe. Our brain is very complex organization. We try to improve it and have a risk to disturb the balance. The main point is not to get as much as possible, but to get the right amount. It is very difficult, I must say. The things, which are useful for one system, can be harmful for the others. This kind of pharmacological preparation involves our brain. The main task is to make it safe.

Open questions.

There are some questions according to the preparations, taking by the people in a hope to improve their cognitive abilities. Are they effective? How do they work? How is their acting in order to take these preparations in the longer term?  The investigations last for tens of years. But we have no the clear picture about the cognitive side effects after taking stimulants and Modafinil among other things.

There is no a big problem. But conducting the research work in the lab – is just one side of the coin. The other and the most important things are taking this medicine in a real life by the real people. If you want to buy Modafinil or any other stimulant – go ahead. Probably, it makes sense not to speak about which preparation is better and how it increases our mental abilities. It’s time to find out who is it influence at?

The other words, is it suitable for you? Besides, there are some theories, which are interesting to know. The cleverer people are the less is the preparation effect. Of course, it’s all about the preparations, stimulating the mental functions. So, people with the IQ level 106 have more chances to improve their intellectual abilities than the group of people with 115 IQ level. This is a fact.