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Jun 27 / 2021

Wonder drug - Provigil

One pill of Generic Provigil 200mg can make you very productive and even substitute you a sleep.

Let’s trace back a bit into history. In the late eighties, in France, the professor Michael Jouvet was making a discovery in one of the laboratories of the Lafon firm. He took the antidepressant and adapted it a little bit. After that he revealed the fascinating effects of that pill. He felt himself very productive and when the medicine was given to Baccalaureate students there was a great improvement in their studies before the examinational period. The pill was named modafinil.

Nowadays it is sold under several names, Provigil is one of them. This brand name is famous in US, UK, IE and ZA. In 1998 the FDA approved it and started to use it against narcolepsy. Later it was allowed to use the medication for treating sleep apnea and work sleep disorder (WSD). This made Provigil very popular and it started to be exposed by almost 20 million people.

Generally, the pill improves productivity of an organism and reduces the necessity of sleep, so a couple of hours at night will be enough. It considerably increases the working memory. Generic Provigil is widely spread among office workers, students, people in high powered jobs, for those who think that 8 hours of sleep is a real waste of time.

There is information that several York students tried Provigil during a week, paying attention to the effects and its praises of being super-effective drug. One boy took the medication before the Ester term, he was a freshman. According to his words the results were miraculous. He took the medication with dinner, then went to the pub, watched a movie, after that returned home and continued working further 8 hours. He described the feeling to be very comfortable, as if he chose not to sleep. He told that it was a very productive lifestyle, which gave opportunity to be active, academic and sociable simultaneously.

The researchers consider the drug to be an agent that promotes wakefulness. Except being used for treating different sleep-related things, it is applied for treating schizophrenia, cocaine addiction, Parkinson’s disease and depression. Other students who tried to buy Provigil and take it described the feelings to be new and harmless. They didn’t notice an increase in heart rate. Only some developed skin rashes. The boys told that it gave them a chance to work all night long without being bored too much, as it usually happens with university home work.  Provigil is very famous among students of Cambridge and Oxford universities.

One university newspaper reported that almost one in ten students orders Provigil without any prescription. In most cases they use it to be very alert during exams in order to be as productive as possible and get the maximum number of working hours. One government study described the drug as something increases concentration, wakefulness, planning, working memory and decisions making. Of course, it has some habit-forming effect. At the same time many instructors are against using Provigil by students. They say that nothing would substitute the biological clock of a human.