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Jun 24 / 2021

Active day with Generic Modafinil

Modafinil is necessary if a situation requires the utmost concentration and focus for more than a usual active day.

It keeps you in the highest state of energy during the day and more, helps to check everything around you and experience the amazing confidence that you can really monitor this condition, then when others are exhausted from fatigue.It helps a great number of people in situations where they need to be in the best shape and perfect tone to use their full potential for achieving their goals.

This preparation assists with tedious sport training, can improve physical stamina and reduce body fatigue.

In this connection, the number of cases, when sportsmen were being accused of the use of Modafinil in international competitions, is increasing.Today this popular substance is in the list of medicines, which athletes may not bring to bear while preparing for competitions, during the training process or tournaments, by the world anti-doping agency. It is an intense stimulant that enhances memory, sharpness of intellect and other characteristics of mental activity. It relieves fatigue effectively and restores cognitive function of the brain.

Modafinil is one of the best methods to stimulate mental activity, cut down the need for sleep and treating depression. A very meaningful positive aspect is the shortage of side effects, such as: addictive, excitement and a reduced sense of responsibility. For people, practicing polyphasic sleep, while they control lucid dreams, the usage of Modafinil helps to obtain a clear schedule of supervised sleep. It is explained with strictly regulated time of its action (depending on the dosing).  

There are some practical observations and tips while taking Modafinil 200mg.

Don’t take it after 16:00 if you want to sleep before midnight (the period of work 12-16 hours after ingestion, depending on the dosage)

If you need to work without problems for several days, sleep for 3 hours and work with high concentration, but then you need to sleep well. Otherwise, just your head starts growing heavy, concentration remains but it's very distracting.

If you have slept a little and were exhausted before this, Modafinil will not work at 100%, regular sleep has not been canceled, even though you may sleep less than usual.

Start with 100 mg in order to check yourself for allergic reactions. It feels very subjectively, some people even don’t need more than 100 mg a day. Although if you use more, it won’t make a big difference as there is low toxicity. But, first of all, make sure that you aren’t allergic to this drug.