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Anti Narcoleptic F.A.Q.

Anti Narcoleptic F.A.Q. In fact, nowadays narcolepsy (chronic brain disorder, which involves the poor control of person’s sleep-wake cycles) is thought be an extremely widespread illness among people throughout the world. Hopefully, today it’s available to purchase Generic Anti Narcoleptic Medications (e.g. Modavigil, Modapro, Nuvigil etc.), which help in treating this disease. Those patients, who suffer from the narcolepsy and need to be treated with certain Generic Anti Narcoleptic Medications, quite often have many questions about these subjects: “How to use certain drug?”, “What are its side effects?” etc. It’s completely normal, so we created the special section dedicated to FAQ. On our website in section “FAQ” purchaser may find answers on the most widespread questions about narcolepsy, its treating, generic products.

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a chronic sleeping disorder. Its major symptom is excessive daytime sleepiness. A person who suffers from narcolepsy often falls asleep at a day time in not appropriate for those places. This abrupt sleep may occur without any warnings and it is quite irresistible. The attacks of narcolepsy may happen repeatedly during a day. Additionally your sleep at night may be accompanied with frequent cycles of awakenings.

When one should suspect Narcolepsy?

One should be checked for having narcolepsy if:
– Feel very drowsy and too sleepy during a day, even when you receive enough sleep at night
– You can fall asleep when do not plan to, for example, during a dinner, driving, talking or even working.
– Your neck muscles are too weak for holding your head, when you start laughing or become surprised, angry and shocked
– It is difficult to talk or move while falling asleep

Is Narcolepsy Common?

According to the data, narcolepsy affects almost 200,000 of Americans. It is really a widespread disorder nowadays, but at the same time is not known to everybody. Sometimes narcolepsy is confused with epilepsy, depression and other diseases. This medical condition is found in 1 of 2000 people. It means that almost 3 million people in the world suffer from narcolepsy.

Who can get Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder which may affect both women and men. Its symptoms already may be observed while being a teenager or a young adult. There is much evidence that narcolepsy is a disorder that can run in your family. From 8 to 12 % of people who face with the condition have a relative who also suffered from narcolepsy.

How to diagnose Narcolepsy?

It is very easy to diagnose narcolepsy if all symptoms are present. Of course, if the sleep attacks are not so often and cataplexy is absent or mild, it is quite difficult to make a diagnosis. Usually one should do such tests for diagnosing narcolepsy: multiple sleep latency and polysomnogram tests. They are usually conducted with the help of specialists. Polysomnogram test includes continual recording of sleep waves in the brain and a range of other muscle and nerve functions that take place during sleep. This test also helps detecting other sleeping disorders. In multiple latency tests, a patient sleeps 2 hours during normal waking time. The observations are made during different stages of sleep. The test measures daytime sleepiness degree.

How to treat Narcolepsy?

There is no cure for narcolepsy, but there are a lot of different treatment options which will alleviate the condition. Each treatment is individual and is based on symptoms which a person has. You can receive medical treatment from narcolepsy during weeks and months in order to reach a normal sleep control. It is very important to pay much attention to lifestyle changes. Medications are good, but nothing will substitute biological sleep, which is so essential for every human.

How Narcolepsy develops?

Narcolepsy is considered to be an autoimmune disorder, where brain cells, known as “hypocretin” deteriorate. Currently a lot of scientists are working to understand this process better. People do not born with this medical condition. It develops with time.

Anti Narcoleptic Drugs

It is very important to pay much attention to your lifestyle when you face with narcolepsy. Making your lifestyle habits healthier will significantly help you in managing this sleeping disorder. You should exercise, have a good and healthy diet, it plays a big role in making your sleep cycles regular and normal. You must keep to regular sleep schedule, relaxing bedtime routine to feel yourself better. Of course, it is not enough only to lead a healthy life style in order to get rid of narcolepsy symptoms. One should have a right medication for his condition.

Medications for treating Narcolepsy

Anti narcoleptic medications are of great help in reducing symptoms of such a sleep disorder. In most cases drugs which are prescribed for treating narcolepsy are antidepressants, sodium oxybate and various stimulants. Discuss which drug is the best for you with the doctor, because each of them has its side effects.

Stimulants: these are the most common drugs which are prescribed for treating narcolepsy. They include Modafinil (Provigil), which is considered to be a stimulant which promotes wakefulness during a day. One can buy Modafinil under different brand names, such as Modapro and Modalert as well. Side effects are considered to be mild in comparison with other medications and can include nausea, dry mouth, headaches, diarrhea and anxiety. Modafinil is found to be very effective in treating this condition because doesn’t influence on natural hormones, which are so significant for biological normal sleep. According to the studies it also doesn’t interfere with a desire to take a nap during a day. In comparison with other stimulants Modafinil won’t cause too much anxiety and excitement. Besides, it doesn’t have that rebound effect. It means that you will not “crash” when the medication wears off. Its potential for abuse is little, but still it can be habit forming. Those people who decide taking Modafinil instead of methylphenidate experience fewer problems and side effects.