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Jun 30 / 2021

Cheaper Treatment Plan with Generic Provigil

People with various disorders are recommended to take Provigil as a medicine promoting healthy wakefulness during the day. Legally, at least in the USA, the medicine is approved only for such disorders as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. However, some doctors prescribe it in other conditions that result in excessive daytime sleepiness. These recommendations are called “off-label” and are made by doctors at their own risk. Another deed that is rare and also made at their risk is a recommendation to take Generic Provigil instead of the medicine with a registered name Provigil. But let’s figure it out, why cannot all doctors recommend us cheaper medicines if they are as effective, but instead prescribe those that cost around 800 dollars, 500 pounds or 700 euro for a month?

Is there a difference between Provigil and the less advertised analogues?

Generally, there are no differences in the compositions of the medicines. They have different names and prices – in short, these are all differences. However, if take a closer look, you can notice that the medicines are manufactured in different countries. For example, if a medicine is manufactured, in Russia or Bulgaria, it costs much less than the medicine made in the USA. And the reason behind it is not the inferior quality, but rather a difference in the taxation system and operational costs. Moreover, advertised brands price their products a priori higher because they invest millions and even billions to make their products look trustworthy, attractive to the customers, and so on.

The same situation is with the online pharmacies that sell Generic Provigil and other generic medicines – their business outside the USA or EU is much cheaper to operate.

However, if you are still unsure, you can learn the information about the Generic Provigil at the website of the online pharmacy that you plan to use: check the composition, dosage, country of origin and so on. If you can’t find this information, contact managers of the pharmacy, most likely they will provide you with an image of the label or write down the information from it.

If your doctor insists that you must take only Provigil, but not Generic Provigil

If your doctor insists that all other drugs are counterfeit or less effective, you may start doubting his or her competencies: the same drugs are always sold in different countries under different brand names. For example, the active ingredient of Provigil is Modafinil, which can be also used as a name of the drug. Other names are Alertec (in Canada), Modavigil (Australia and New Zeland). If the doctor insists on the medicine manufactured by a certain company and you think that it’s over your budget, remember, most doctors have contracts with large pharmaceutical companies; they receive a reward every time a customer buys prescription medicines using the prescriptions they signed. Of course, not all doctors are the same, but it wouldn’t hurt to consult a more open-minded and unbiased doctor before making a final decision.

Is there a difference between Provigil and Generic Provigil? There are no differences in the compositions of the medicines, only names and prices differ.