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Jul 14 / 2021

General information on Modalert

Modalert: general information.

Modalert is a psycho stimulant of a new generation that is able to regulate the process of falling asleep, without real harm to the regular periods of sleep. It is a new foreign fighter with sleep and fatigue. The drug is quite popular and required because sometimes it is extremely necessary to be awake for quite long periods of time, leading a modern lifestyle. The drug improves the functions of memory, increases the overall perception, cognitive abilities and reaction. It has much milder effect (unlike amphetamines) letting people for a long time keep a waking state and easy fall asleep after the effect of the drug is over.

It is not surprisingly, that the medication, allowing to be awake for more than forty hours, and fully keeping the physical and mental strength, while not having the effect of «hangover» has quickly acquired popularity around the world and fame of the drug which is shearing time. Modalert (also known under the trade name Modafinil) is manufactured by Cephalon Company. The carton box with the medication consists of 30 tablets; each tablet contains 100 mg of the drug. It is relatively new: it was developed in the late seventies by the French company Lafon Laboratories. Its creation is associated with the opening of orexins – the substances belonging to the new group of neurotransmitters.

The drug belongs to psychoactive substances, also called «positive stimulants».

As it causes the state of wakefulness and concentration, or in other words, a person does not sleep for a long time and feels no discomfort.  As a stimulant, the drug has much more advantages compared with amphetamines - it does not cause extreme state of euphoria, has fewer side effects due to a more moderate stimulation of the central nervous system and does not affect the normal process of falling asleep. The medication has low toxicity and it has virtually no effect on blood pressure that is also a plus.

During clinical trials there was proved a high degree of safety of its application. The medication is almost non-addictive. It is approved by the FDA in the US by the treatment of narcolepsy – which is a physiological disorder characterized by uncontrollable attacks of sleepiness. According to the scientists, narcolepsy develops due to the above-mentioned lack of orexins, and Generic Modalert is able to compensate their deficit. There are also researches of its effects and possible potential in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, depression and concentration disturbances.

The medication is used in many armies of the world, the security services, intelligence and other rapid reaction detachments, but is prohibited for usage by athletes according to World Anti-Doping Agency in 2004  The recommended dose for the treatment of narcolepsy and sleep apnea syndrome (sudden cessation of breathing during sleep) is 200 mg. The tablet should be taken in the morning.   The drug, like all medicines, can cause various adverse reactions, so its application should be administered by a physician, regard to the health status of each individual patient.

Office of the Food and Drug Administration within the United States later expanded the list of indications for usage of the drug, allowing its usage not only for narcolepsy, but also by healthy people, for which it is necessary for any reason to block the body's need in sleep.   It should nevertheless be noted that there is a danger of using the drug without extreme need - for example, by students or lovers of a nightlife. Due to the possibility of side reactions during the usage of the drug, using it without supervision of a doctor is not recommended. But still, you can easily buy Modalert at any drug of the US, Australia and European countries or order Modalert without prescription online, using the services of reliable online pharmacies.