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Jun 25 / 2021

Healthy fans of Modafinil

Who can take Generic Modafinil?

Modafinil is one in a long line of products that have many fans among healthy people. It provides students with miraculous assistance, and due to this fact it becomes legendary. The drug is usually given to hyperactive children with impaired ability to concentrate. However, young students and businessmen also get addicted to it. «That’s right, - confirmed Eric Heiligenstein, the chief psychiatrist of the Health Service of the University of Wisconsin. – Although, accurately determine the amount of the medication consumed by the students is almost impossible, it is obvious that the number of regular users is very low».

Impact of Modafinil on healthy people.

Impact of Modafinil and similar drugs on healthy people has been studied just a little. But at least one research has shown that prolonged intake of a "stimulant" actually improves mental activity. In July 2002, Jerome A. Yesavage from Stanford University and Peter J. Whitehouse from Case Western Reserve University in their article talked about the impact of this drug on the skills of pilots. It is one of the many drugs that has received FDA approval as a means to pause progressive memory loss in Alzheimer's disease.

The two groups of pilots were trained to perform a number of tasks in a flight simulator. Then, within 30 days the members of the one group received a placebo, and the other ones – Modafinil. After that, the pilots of both groups were subjected to ingenious new test in the cockpit simulator. Pilots had to perform complex air maneuvers and at the same time respond to recurring emergencies (for example, a sharp change in the readings, indicating a drop in oil pressure). A month later, the pilots who received Modafinil, coped with the test tasks much better than the pilots in the other group (especially in cases where the work was related to the landing the aircraft or unexpected failures of the control systems).

Journal of the Canadian Medical Association reported that Modafinil was used by astronauts during long missions on the International Space Station. The medication was available for the crew to optimize the performance of fatigue; it helped with circadian disruption and reduced sleep quality by astronauts. During the high-risk, long-term and large-scale police operations, doctors in Maryland (United States) issued 200 mg of the drug once per day to law enforcement officers in order to improve focus and concentration and to facilitate the functioning with limited rest periods.