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Jun 27 / 2021

If You Have Narcolepsy – Buy Generic Provigil

If you have been diagnosed with narcolepsy, your doctor probably prescribed you to use Provigil or other similar medicines on the basis of Modafinil to gain control over excessive sleepiness during the daytime. Such medicines can be also prescribed in other conditions, such as shift work sleep disorder, sleep apnea, and others. Though these drugs are making a part of a group of substances with a frightening name “amphetamine-line agents”, they are much less harmful than caffeine-based drugs or amphetamine-based medicines. Unfortunately, their positive sides are can be overshadowed by their insanely high price – a package of Provigil for a monthly use costs around 800 dollars. Not anyone can spend so much money on a medicine they need to take daily their entire life. Add here also the costs of the regular checkups and charges of your doctor for the prescriptions. Moreover, comprehensive treatment requires not only this medicine, but also antidepressants, vitamins, and other drugs and supplements. The way to save, however, exists – buy all the components of the treatment at the online pharmacies. They sell the medicines much cheaper and do not require prescriptions. In such a way you can significantly save even if you have to pay for the delivery.

Rules to Follow When Buying Provigil Online

The medicines sold online are absolutely identical to those you can buy at your local pharmacies. Of course, if you chose a reliable online pharmacy. There are only two actual differences between Generic Provigil and Provigil: price and name of the drug. Provigil is a registered trademark, so it cannot be used by other pharmaceutical companies. However, they are still able to do identical medicine as the formula had been known for a long time already and is not a secret for other companies. So don’t worry if you see a different name or the general name “Generic Provigil” or “Generic Modafinil” – the medicine is what you were looking for. However, in the first purchase a double check of the compound wouldn’t hurt.
If you are planning to buy Generic Provigil for the first time, contact the customer support managers to know more about the shipment to your country: will you need to pay customs duties, what number of pills/packages is set as a limit per individual, will the pharmacy mark your parcel as medicines or nutritional supplements, etc.