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Aug 05 / 2021

Modafinil effectively treats ADHD in children

The epidemic of ADHD - statistics.

New approaches to the treatment of attention deficit disorder in therapy may offer a safer alternative to stimulant medicines (Ritalin and Adderall). Modafinil, also known under the names Provigil, Modalert or Alertec, was originally created to help people regulate sleep cycles if they suffer from narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. At the present time, it was proposed as an effective treatment of ADHD and ADD, because of its powerful features that help concentration and focus of attention.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a wide-spread mental imbalance that makes focusing on a task or holding thoughts very complicated. The disorder is diagnosed mainly by children, but if it is left untreated, the disease can progress into adulthood. Its symptoms are poor school performance, behavior that violates school rules, inordinate talking, inability to sit calm, trouble with reading of long passages and a tendency of being easily distracted. One of 20 children suffers from ADHD symptoms, even though they are not diagnosed. By more than six million of children it has been diagnosed in US only.

Common treatments include pharmaceuticals Ritalin and Adderall. The given stimulants come with potentially serious side effects and even the risk of addiction, making questionable the usage of these procedures by small children. The main problem of these drugs is that they lead to a failure of energy or "hangover" on the next day, when users feel drained, tired and experience brain fog because of a shortage of available neurotransmitters. Using Generic Modafinil, patients can avoid these problems in connection with different mechanisms of action. However, prescriptions of this medication for treating of attention deficit disorder are still considered to be experimental nowadays.

Why is Modafinil so effective?

Modafinil has been applied informally as a treatment for ADHD at least for ten years. This famous smart drug not only designes a heightened state of alertness and reduces the perception of brain fatigue, but it has also been applied to make it easier to confront the mental distraction. The given quality makes the drug a natural treatment, as it allows patients to feel calm, centering mental environment for a few hours.

In the US the medication is manufactured by Cephalon Company, the same company that produces Nuvigil. While Modafinil treatment of ADHD is still considered illegal, the same results can be achieved with Nuvigil or Armodafinil. Due to the common fact that it is widely used off-label, you can easily buy Modafinil at any drugstore of the US, Australia and Europe or order Modafinil at reliable online pharmacies.

Is Modafinil therapy safe for children?

For adults, the medication is considered safe and easy to transfer. Side effects are usually mild and limited to mild headaches. Even if the drug is created to increase wakefulness, it seems like it does not interfere with natural sleep cycles. And, we can assume that it is quite safe to use the drug in therapy of children? Unfortunately, no.

At present time, there are no significant studies on use of this drug by children. Manufacturer warns that there is not enough information about the safety record of the drug for children, so therefore, it should not be used till the age of 17. Due to this reason, any potential benefits from Modafinil for ADHD similar symptoms by children cannot be investigated. However, adult people who suffer from this disease, or similar symptoms, can greatly benefit from the drug.