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Aug 20 / 2021

Modalert: make your brain beat the records

The basic info you should know about the drug.

Modalert (also known under such commercial trade names as Provigil, Alertec, Modavigil, Modafinil and Modapro) is a medication produced by Cephalon Company. The given psycho stimulant has been studied and finally affirmed by the Food and Drug Administration (the main institution in the U.S. that is liable for controlling the quality of the food products) and it is the main way of effective treatment of narcolepsy disease, shift work sleep disorder, and inordinate sleepiness during the daytime that is connected with OSA.

Generic Modalert, like many other similar psycho stimulants, enhances the release of monoamines from the synaptic terminals. Moreover, the substance also elevates the levels of hypothalamic histamine, that makes some researchers think that the medication is an agent promoting the state of wakefulness rather than a traditional stimulant that has much in common with amphetamine (as it was evidenced by the difference in distribution that was caused by Modalert if to compare it with amphetamine).

What do researchers say?

Different researches have assumed that the given medication has limited potential for large-scale abuse and does not cause any addictive potential by people who have just started using it. Although there were some thoughts that the medication could be efficient in the treatment of attention-deficit disorder due to its similar qualities with stimulants of amphetamine class. In 2006 there was found out that Modalert is not good for usage by children under 17 for the same aim. Cephalon's Company now discourages the usage of the drug by little children for any possible purposes.

Other effective, but unapproved possibilities are the treatment of cases of deep depression, cocaine addiction, cases of Parkinson's disease, extreme tiredness and schizophrenia.   Around the United States, the given medicine is approved only for the cases of official treatment of narcolepsy, OSA and shift work sleep disorder. But in some countries, the substance is also recommended and approved for idiopathic hypersomnia (all forms of inordinate daytime sleepiness the reasons of which cannot be found out). It usually starts working within one or two days.

Off-label usage.

According to the US FDA Act, drug companies are not allowed to produce their products for off-label usage. However, the drug is often used off-label without a prescription of a doctor for a number of different reasons. It is widely used by students preparing for exams at the last minute, for people working shifts (doctors, taxi drivers) and lovers of nightlife style that cannot live without going to clubs. The medication helps them stay awake at night and have no problems with sleep after the action of the drug is over.

The substance is also often used by passengers flying to distant time zones (jet lags) and by athletes on competitions (it helps them improve their performance though it has been recognized as a doping agent and has been forbidden for usage on the competitions). So no matter what your purpose id, you can buy Modalert at any drugstore around the US, Australia and European countries or order Modalert online at one of the reliable online pharmacies (which is even safer and more convenient).   This medicine is popular for off-label usage because it suppresses the need for falling asleep. It is also received for combating excessive tiredness that is not connected with the lack of regular sleep (such as in case with ADHD and as an adjunct to some antidepressants).

There is also a debate whether the cognitive effects of the drug that were observed in healthy people that were not deprived of sleep are significant to consider it a cognitive enhancer. The scientists agree that Modalert improves some options of working memory, such as digit span and manipulation. However, the results that are related to spatial memory and executive function are quite doubtful. Some of the positive results of this psycho stimulant may be limited to "lower-performing" people or to the ones with lower IQ. The medication may be also efficient and well-tolerated cure for patients with seasonal affective disorder or depression.