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Aug 14 / 2021

Narcolepsy Diagnostics and Use of Generic Provigil

Each and every disease or condition requires a correct diagnosis and multimodality therapy. People who tend to make self-diagnosis can worsen their condition in comparison with the original one several times. If previously they could diagnose themselves and then they still had to go to the doctor to get a prescription for the medicine they “prescribed” for themselves, now they have more freedom – they can buy such medicines without prescription online. It does not sound right taking into account that online pharmacies in such a way contribute to deterioration of health of the negligent patients. But look at this situation from the other point of view: there are millions of people who would love to spend money on doctors and prescription medicines sold in American drugstores but they simply cannot afford it. For these people online pharmacies are the only legal and safe way to purchase the medicines they need to save their lives. They sell medicines cheaper, that’s their trump card. They do not sell fake medicines they simply sell analogs of the medicines sold at your local drugstores made outside the US which makes the medicines a priory cheaper. However, it does not mean that having this possibility to save and receive a qualitative treatment you do not need to know your precise diagnosis first and receive a competent medical worker recommendation. Note that even if an online pharmacy offers you a service of a pharmacist, it is still not enough – distant diagnosis hasn’t done anyone anything good yet.

Diagnosing narcolepsy – how the process should look

Since our website is dedicated to the narcolepsy main symptom treatment, we are going to inform you how a comprehensive diagnostics of the disorder should in fact look before your doctor prescribe you Provigil and you can buy its cheaper analog, Generic Provigil, at an online pharmacy.

Narcolepsy is a wakefulness disorder characterized by the excessive sleepiness in daytime even if the individual suffering from it sleeps over eight hours at night. The disorder is caused by the violated processes in brain that are not fully studied. Though the reasons of such violations are not entirely understood, pharmaceutical companies and scientist have already found a way to eliminate the main symptom, sleepiness. They cannot fully restore violated processes, but are able to simulate fully healthy brain activity through Modafinil-based medicines such as Provigil or its cheaper analogs known as Generic Provigil.

Now let’s see how to diagnose narcolepsy properly before opting for the purchase of Generic Provigil online. First of all, you should keep a diary where you will document your sleeping hours and frequency of sleep attacks during the day. Keep it at least for one week before going to your doctor. Make sure to go to bed at least eight hours before you need to wake up for the purity of experiment – you have to sleep sufficient amount of time to be sure that sleepiness occurs regardless of the hours of night sleep.

Secondly, the doctor that consults you needs to learn your family medical history in order to exclude other conditions running in your family that can cause excessive fatigue and sleepiness. A survey about other symptoms that you experience, for example, frequent thirst or need to go to pee can also help to exclude other disorders and conditions such as diabetes which also results in higher fatigue.

After the survey, a doctor usually assigns basic tests such as general blood and urine analysis. And if he or she thinks that you certainly show the signs of narcolepsy, to be absolutely sure before prescribing you Provigil or Generic Provigil, they will most likely send you to perform polysomnography and multiple latency sleep test. Both these tests are made when the patient is asleep. They record your brain waves and monitor their changes in the different phases of sleep. The last test also identifies the time between night sleep and forced (by your condition) naps and time between such naps. According to the results, the doctor either will not prescribe you any wakefulness-promoting medicine or opt for one of the versions of Provigil of different dosage.

How to use Generic Provigil and is any different from the use of Provigil?

The doctors from the USA are able to prescribe only those medicines that are approved by the FDA and allowed to be sold in the country. However, patients in each and every country have their own drugs identical to Provigil. They are manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies, registered in other countries, and be sure are approved by the ministries of health of those countries. Therefore, even if your doctor prescribes you Provigil you can still opt for its cheaper analog made in the country where pharmaceutical companies do not have to spend billions just to make their products approved and recognizable.

Naturally, all of the analog medicines have different names. Otherwise their manufacturers would violate the law on registered trade mark. If you want to buy a cheaper version of the most popular wakefulness-promoting medicine, look for Generic Provigil. It is a name used to call all analogs of Provigil online – it facilitates the search without breaking any laws. Usually you will see a registered name of the medicine you buy on the package or pill and can check its reputation looking for the customer reviews left online.

Provigil is usually taken once a day in the morning in the dose consisting 100 or 200mg. The precise dosage for your case is established by the doctor. If the prescribed dosage does not provide sufficient effect, you should contact your doctor and probably he or she will increase the dosage, but you should in no case do it yourself.

Generic Provigil, if you are sure that its identical to the medicine you are advised to use, including per pill dosage of every ingredient, is used absolutely the same as Provigil. How can you check the compound of the drug? You can either find this information on an online pharmacy’s website or, if you cannot find this information, ask about it customer support managers. This way you will kill two birds with one stone: you will find out the real compound of Generic Provigil you plan to buy online and see how competent and reliable the online pharmacy is according to the managers’ replies.

Important to remember - summary

  • Use Generic Provigil only if your doctor prescribed you to use Provigil
  • Inform your doctor on all conditions or disorders you have and medicines you use to treat them
  • Compare the compound of Provigil with the composition and per pill dosage of Generic Provigil you plan to buy online
  • Choose a reliable online drugstore based on the customer reviews or following one of the links from our website
  • Make sure to check if the medicine you buy has sufficient shelf life left before you finish Generic Provigil pills ordered online
  • Avoid the lowest prices as it can be a fraud
  • Do not order too many Generic Provigil pills at once
  • Immediately call the ambulance in occurrence of any side effects related to heart, dizziness or breathing problems
  • Do not start driving a car or operating machines in the first week of the medicine use
  • If you tend to forget the intakes – document each of them
  • Never adjust the dosage of the medicine by yourself
  • Read contraindications list and do not use other drugs with Generic Provigil without consulting your doctor
  • Avoid any other stimulants even simple coffee when using the drug to avoid blood pressure surge or even stroke