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Aug 21 / 2021

Nuvigil: what diseases require its treatment?

What is Nuvigil and how does it act?

Many people nowadays suffer from various types of health problems that require such a remedy like a smart drug. These drugs are extremely famous because they can help people who suffer from narcolepsy, obstructive apnea and a bunch of other sleep disorders that affect their neurological systems. However, before you decide to take one of these so-called smart drugs, you need to do some research on various kinds of such medications and the possible side effects that might appear during the time of reception.

Nuvigil is one of such popular psycho stimulants that acts on the human brain improving your mental and physical abilities, your endurance and keeps you awake for much longer when your body should have been totally exhausted. The given medication is widely used for the treatment of various sleep disorders – sudden attacks of deep sleep during the day when the person does not even expect that. It is also called unreasonable sleepiness.

However, the drug is often used off-label for various purposes. For example, it is often received by students that need higher level of concentration during the session and exam period. It is also popular by managers, programmers and businessmen who need to increase their performance and also by people working shifts (doctors, taxi drivers and representatives of many other professions that might work during the nighttime). The drug helps them work better, be full of energy and not to sleep when doing important or dangerous work.   After the action of the medicine is over, people do not have any problems with falling asleep.

The drug is also useful for passengers flying to distant time zones (jet lags) and night lifestyle lovers. There are also registered some cases of usage of the substance by professional athletes though it is strictly prohibited to use it in competitions as it is recognized a doping agent and included to the list of prohibited substances.   However, no matter what your purpose is, if you are a resident of the US, Australia and Europe, you can buy Nuvigil without a prescription of your doctor at any nearest drugstore. You can also order Nuvigil via Internet at one of the most reliable online pharmacies. And now let’s consider the usage of the drug by treatment of different sleep disorders.

Multiple sclerosis.

Generic Nuvigil has been used to soften the symptoms of the neurological tiredness which was reported by some of the patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis. They followed either the standard dosage or received a single dose of 200–400 mg when they started feeling the attacks of excessive tiredness.  In 2000, Cephalon Company conducted a study in order to evaluate the drug as a potential treatment for MS-related tiredness.

A group of 72 participants with MS of different degrees of severity was testing two quite different dosages of Nuvigil and an inactive placebo for about nine weeks. Levels of tiredness were evaluated by them on standardized scales. People who were taking a smaller dosage of the drug reported about feeling less tired and there was a statistically meaningful difference in tiredness scores for the smaller dosage versus the placebo. The bigger dosage of the medication was not considered to be significantly more efficient.


In February 2007, there were at least seven articles on different clinical trials about the usage of Nuvigil for the treatment of attention deficit disorder. Some of these researches showed that it is associated with quite significant improvements in primary outcome measures. It was also found that the drug improved cognitive function by ADHD in some studies.   

Researches for ADHD report about cases of insomnia and slight headaches that were the most common side effects, observed in approximately 20% of treated patients. Additional large, long-term researches that were using flexible titration methods to find out safety and efficacy of Nuvigil and stimulants are needed in order to determine the role of the medication in the treatment of ADHD.