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Jun 25 / 2021

Provigil against the effect of the tired surgeon

Provigil was licensed in the USA and all the Euro members as a kind of preparation for narcolepsy treatment.

What is narcolepsy then? Simply said, it is a kind of brain disorders, when patients have a strange ability to crash out during the dangerous and important work. Sounds awful! We do not want to be at the place of such a patient.

What do scientists think of modafinil contained medicines? Are they worth to use?

Reading about the preparation influence we can easily confuse it with amphetamine. Provigil is not an amphetamine. Don’t be confused. This is the unique product that influences at the definite brain centers and gives an effort to regulate the wakefulness process. It goes without saying, that this preparation wasn’t created to leave people with no ability to sleep for a long time.  It was also showed that Provigil's usage, as a kind of stimulator, is rather differ from amphetamines for better.

This preparation is almost safety from the drug tolerance. It makes us free from such kind of side effects like “hangover” or “barrel fever”. It can’t be the cause of euphoria. And what is more important, it was proved the high safety level of modafilin contained medicines during the clinical research works.  In order to prove this statement it would be interesting to find out one of the experiments that were connected with the main Provigil usage among the ordinary people. Let’s call it “the effect of the tired surgeon”. Why surgeon? We think that it is one of the most reliable professions which need to be well concentrated all the time. There are many disputes around the topic if it is available to trust the tired exhausted doctors to make the complicated surgeon procedures.

As the experts say, many thousands of people die in the USA every year. The reason of such a fatal outcome is medical error. The tired surgeons get different effect from Provigil's usage. As a result of the experiment it was clear that this preparation can help the doctors to sense everything more effective and to get more flexible intellectual process. It is not difficult for them to make the right clear decision in the stress condition.

Nevertheless, it was decided not to stop the clinical research experiments in order to reach the best and clearest results. The perspective to use Provigil every time we need to improve our condition seems to be very attractive. This situation is rather controversial. We won’t get the result when the risk of the medicine usage can be greater than its usefulness.

So what we are going to do now?  Don’t forget that more is not necessarily better. Try to follow the medicine instruction and not to step up the dosage on your own. You should normalize your working hours and working availability. All the patients must look after themselves and prevent their tiredness effects. The safe and proven method to avoid the over fatigue is a good deep sleep.