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Provigil fightes general fatigue

Jul 24 / 2015

Why is it effective?

Excessive fatigue, which is defined as a physical or mental disability of the person to perform the necessary activities of daily living, is one of the most common and annoying problems faced by people with MS. State of fatigue from which suffer many patients with multiple sclerosis is not always related to the number of hours of sleep. In other words, a feeling of fatigue persists even after a good rest and good long sleep. This state of fatigue and weakness seriously violates the quality of life of a patient and hinders their normal life, and it can not be normal routine treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The new drug, called Provigil is designed to combat sleepiness caused by different sleep disorders, and it was found to be very effective for maintaining vitality. Using this medication you can keep the state of vigorous, if it is necessary, and it does not disturb your sleep (a pill of the drug in the morning will not prevent a person to sleep at night). Provigil pills can significantly improve the human condition, daily operation and concentration, which ultimately positively affect the quality of life of the patient. Efficiency of the drug has been tested and scientifically proven in several clinical studies, and among the participants were also people with MS suffering from excessive fatigue.

Is it good for our memory?

In 2007, at the annual meeting of the American Society of Oncologists there was presented a small study, the results of which informed that women who took the drug Provigil (Modafinil) for 8 weeks after chemotherapy showed significant improvement of memory and attention. However, the study included only 68 patients, so for greater reliability there is required a more extensive study.

As the medication is often used off label by students, managers and people leading a night lifestyle, you can easily buy Provigil at any drugstore of the US, Australia and countries of Europe. There are also many reliable inline pharmacies, where you can order Provigil and it will be delivered right to your front door. The drug is also very popular by passengers flying to distant time zones (jet lags).

Rising sales of Provigil proves its efficiency.

Pharmaceutical company Cephalon Inc. (USA) reported that in the IV quarter of 2001, it went to the increase in the profit by increasing sales of its main drug Generic Provigil, designed to prevent daytime sleepiness by patients with narcolepsy, as well as increased demand for other drugs. Excluding non-recurring items, the company earned in the IV quarter of 2001, 9.45 million dollars, or 0.17 dollars per share, while in the same period of 2000, it suffered from losses at the level of 12.66 million dollars.

In addition to the sales of Provigil, there increased sales of Actiq, painkiller for cancer patients, as well as a Gabitril, treatment for epilepsy. The company estimates sales of its products for the full fiscal year 2002 to 415 - 420 million dollars, the rate of EBITDA - 105 million, and earnings per share - in the range of 1.05 -1.08 dollars. Consensus forecast of analysts suggests earnings per share of 1.03 dollars.

Provigil is one of the main and most effective means in treating multiple sclerosis and general fatigue. It also can be applied in many other ways.