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Jul 14 / 2021

Recommendations on Modavigil usage

What is the dosage of Modavigil?

Nowadays one can find Modavigil in 100mg and 200 mg tablets. Many patients say that lower doses of the drug give them the same effects as higher ones. Many report that high doses do not give any additional benefits. It is really very important information, because with time the organism can build tolerance toward the medication. That’s why it is suggested to take low doses in order to get desirable effects.

The recommended dosage.

In most cases doctors prescribe 1 or 2 doses of Generic Modavigil which are taken during a day for those who suffer from different sleep disorders. The half-life of the drug reaches almost 12 hours. That is why do not take the medication late at night, if you do not planning to stay awake at this time.

Where to get Modavigil?

Modavigil is a prescription drug in many countries. You should discuss the matter with a doctor and only then he will decide if the drug is good for you. Only in that case you can go and buy Modavigil. The prescription can be obtained in your local pharmacy. In several countries, such as UK you are able to import the medication in small doses. Nowadays it is possible to but Modavigil in different reliable online nootropic shops, so there are no problems with it.

Normal dose.

When you order Modavigil remember to follow all the recommendations of your doctor concerning the way how to take the drug. 200 mg is a normal dose for each person. Of course, it is possible to take more. 400mg is a maximum dose per day, which must not be exceeded. It wasn’t noticed that it is able to bring some additional positive effects in comparison with a dose of 200 mg. The dose, which was prescribed for you, is individual and right only for you, that’s why it is not good to share the drug with anyone else, even when he or she has the same symptoms as you.


When you buy Modavigil, always remember to take it at the same time in order not to miss the next dose. But when it really happens, do not worry too much, just wait until the time of the nearest dose comes and take the medicine. Do not take two tablets simultaneously to catch the previous one. If you miss the medication continuously and take it time from time, be sure that you won’t receive a desirable effect and there is even a chance to face with different side effects. Treat the medication seriously; it is a very strong drug, so pay much attention while being treated with it and then you will get a lot of benefits from it.