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Jul 07 / 2021

Save Wisely Buying Generic Provigil Pills Online

Some people think that when others opt for so-called generics, they compromise their health just to save their money. In reality, things are a bit different. We will discuss why generic medicines do not necessary mean compromising your health later in this article, but now let’s think about the diseases that imply the daily intake of expensive prescription medicines for the rest of the patients’ lives.

Some diagnoses may seem not that scary at the first sight, however, they are able to ruin one’s life if not properly adjusting the symptoms. One of such diagnoses is narcolepsy, a neurological disorder that prevents people from leading a normal lifestyle due to excessive, unbearable sleepiness during the day, restless sleep, attacks of muscular weakness, and many other symptoms. Being diagnosed with such a disorder, they are recommended to change their lifestyle towards a healthier one, and informed that they will need to take the wakefulness promoting medicines for the rest of their lives. While the changing lifestyle list item sounds perfectly healthy, the constant intake of medicines is not that great. Besides, Modafinil-based medicines are sold only with a prescription and are quite pricey. The expenses, for example, most popular among the US medics medicine, Provigil, for a month can account up to a thousand of dollars. Admit it, not anyone can afford buying such an expensive drug just to stay awake. Add here also the employment troubles for the people with such pronounced narcolepsy symptoms. Fortunately, there is a healthy way for saving money and receiving comprehensive treatment. Let’s figure it out.

Is Generic Provigil as safe and effective as Provigil?

First of all, they are identical drugs. With this phrase we can already end the discussion. But let’s look deeper. Why there is such a huge difference between Provigil and Generic Provigil price? There are many reasons for this:

  • Provigil is a registered trademark, which is highly promoted through direct and indirect advertising. The company that owns the brand invests enormous amounts to make the drug trustworthy through getting it widely recognizable.
  • Other companies that produce Generic Provigil use already created formula. They save on research and development – this is another reason for Generic Provigil cheap price.
  • Most of the companies that offer Generic Provigil at a low price are operating outside the USA or EU, in the countries where labor force is cheap, taxes are lower, and the same raw materials are twice or thrice cheaper.
  • Selling their medicines through online pharmacies the manufacturers also save: online pharmacies establish lower additional value, making the medicines sell quickly, avoiding the returns to the manufacturer.

Is Generic Provigil a single medicine or are there other Provigil analogs?

In fact, Generic Provigil is not a single drug. It is a name for a series of identical medicines with identical properties and composition. The common name is used by online pharmacies to facilitate the search for the needed medicine. Admit it, it is easier to remember the name Generic Provigil than remembering twenty different names of the drug you need.

However, be responsible buying Generic Provigil online. First of all, find a reliable online pharmacy. Get acquainted with the information about the manufacturer of the drug sold. Find the reviews of customers or people who bought exactly this Generic Provigil. Do not fall for the lowest price as you may buy an inferior quality product. In a reliable online drugstore Generic Provigil pill costs around 1,5 USD, so if you see not quite a trustworthy website with the price thrice lower, think twice before placing the order. When buying Generic Provigil online, it is fully your responsibility to receive the qualitative drug at the best price. Be responsible and everything will work out well for you.

Worth noting that analogs can differ in dosage per pill. Make sure to find Generic Provigil that meets your doctor recommendations about the dosage. Moreover, you can check the compound of the drug and even compare it with the ingredients of Provigil to be a hundred percent sure.

Possible customs duties buying Generic Provigil from abroad

Different countries have their own regulations. Some countries prohibit receiving the medicines by mail, so online stores mark the parcels as “nutritive supplements”. Some countries do not prohibit the purchase of the medicines abroad; however, they set a limit per individual. Stepping over the limit can cause you a lot of trouble not only with the customs service, but also the criminal police. Therefore, buy medicines only for your own use, do not order Generic Provigil for your friends or the police may find the number of medicines you receive suspicious and charge you with the drug trafficking. It is a serious crime, so be careful.
If some of the cautions scare you, find more accurate information, inspect the online forums of people from your area, who already have the experience of buying prescription medicines online. You can find a lot of useful information online that will help you avoid any trouble. You can get in much more trouble if you decide to buy Generic Provigil at your local black market.

In case of side effects occurrence

Side effects can occur in the use of even the most harmless medicines. Of course, amphetamine-like Provigil can be dangerous if taken irresponsibly. However, you may have an allergy to its components that will also lead to the adverse effects manifestation. Prepare yourself for attentive observation of your health condition. If any physical or psychical discomfort takes place after the use of Provigil, stop using the drug and contact your doctor or emergency in case the symptoms are threatening your life.