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Jul 02 / 2021

Treating Wakefulness Disorder - Generic Provigil

Being fully awake during the daytime in such disorders as narcolepsy or sleep work shift disorder is a challenge. Due to neurological conditions, people suffering from these disorders have sudden attacks of sleepiness that cannot be beaten by the intake of caffeine or night sleep of eight hours. To date, the scientists cannot fully understand why such disorders occur. Nevertheless, they have found a way to reduce the incredible discomfort related to such health issues. The answer is the medicines, such as Provigil, that promote wakefulness. The only drawback of this method is that people diagnosed with narcolepsy have to take the medicine daily throughout their lifetime. Not only it is not quite convenient, but it is also a costly method as a package of Provigil at regular drugstores costs around eight hundred dollars. Besides, Provigil is a prescription medicine, so they need to visit their doctors every time they need a prescription which also leads to certain expenses not always covered by the insurance.

How to reduce the cost of narcolepsy treatment with Provigil?

If you are sure that the only qualitative medicine is Provigil and its analogues are all placebo, then you cannot save. However, this point of view is completely wrong. You’ve been misinformed by the government or dishonest doctors who have their own interest in prescribing their patients the most expensive medicines. If you want to find out the real facts, continue reading.

Provigil is a Modafinil-based medicine which is sold in all countries of the world. Normally, patented medicines are sold in different countries under different trademarks. Some pharmaceutical companies, especially those that due to their financial state were able to enter the US market, invest billions of dollars in advertising and indirect promotion of their medicines. Provigil is exactly the medicine which is being promoted is such a way. Besides wide advertising, the manufacturer has created a reward system for the doctors who prescribe namely this Modafinil-based medicine. As you probably guessed, the costs of such promotion are included in the price of the drug. Add here also high taxes paid by pharmaceutical companies in the USA, and we get a price of 800 dollars or higher, while in other countries identical, but less advertised drugs are sold several times cheaper. These analogues are called Generic Provigil; let’s find out more about it, where it is originated and how it can be obtained.

Reasons behind cheap price of Generic Provigil

Above we have already listed the reasons behind high pricing of Provigil marketed in the USA. The lacks of those elements that make the famous medicine so expensive already make Generic Provigil cheap. However, there are also other reasons, which make it even cheaper.

First of all, Generic Provigil is manufactured outside the US. Usually, pharmaceutical companies chose the countries with lower taxes and less expensive labor force. They also commonly are the ones who use already created formula rather than create innovative medicines, so they save on research. Additional saving buying medicines online is that you can buy Generic Provigil without prescription.

Why do not doctors prescribe Generic Provigil if it is identical to Provigil?

We have already mentioned one reason - they are paid to prescribe the medicines manufactured by certain pharmaceutical companies. Another reason is that FDA does not encourage such actions, so if one patient addresses the commission with a claim, the doctor can have serious troubles. Some doctors don’t even know where to purchase Generic Provigil. However, there are still doctors who can prescribe you one medicine, but if you ask them, they will admit that Generic Provigil made by a reputable company is no less effective and can be used safely.

Where to buy Generic Provigil?

The only reliable place to buy the medicine is online drug stores. There are people who sell Generic Provigil illegally on the territory of the USA, but why do you need these problems if you can safely buy the medicine online and receive it without even leaving your home?

In order to find a reliable online pharmacy, take a look at online forums that will recommend you some names. People who are used to buying generic medicines online are willing to share their experience and tips on safe purchases. You can also contact the customer support managers of the pharmacy you chose to get more information and compare the compound of the medicine with the ingredients of Provigil. You can also find out the country of origin of the medicine before buying it. So if you have any preferences – compare the options and find the most suitable way to treat your wakefulness disorder.

Buy Generic Provigil without a prescription and pay thrice less money than when buying the identical medicine at your local drugstores. Save wisely.