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Aug 12 / 2021

Wakefulness Disorder Reasons and Treatment - Provigil

Sleepiness is normal when it is experienced after hard work, intense exercise, insufficient night sleep or routine day in office. It doesn’t necessary require treatment. However, if you experience it on a daily basis without visible reasons, you should consult your doctor. If you have no other symptoms that can be attributed to such serious conditions as diabetes or cancer, doctors usually focus on the neurological factors that cause bad quality sleep at night and daytime sleepiness. They study your family neurological background asking questions about your parents or relatives having similar symptoms or having a history of neurological or mental disorders, and, of course, use several tests that help to define the disorder you are suffering from. The tests for narcolepsy (chronic inability of the brain to regulate wakefulness and sleep cycles) include polysomnogram, the multiple sleep latency test (MSLT), and administration of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. The tests require clinical sleep tests, i.e. you need to sleep at the clinic while being connected to the machines that record your brain waves and number of nerve and muscle functions during the sleep. They check the waves for the abnormalities usually contributed to the narcolepsy. However, daytime sleepiness can be also caused by sleep apnea – the condition when a suffering individual temporarily stops to breath during the nighttime sleep and wakes up sometimes not even knowing about it and falls asleep again, but the quality of such sleep with the 20-30 awakenings during the night is significantly lower than in normal healthy sleep, which results in daily fatigue and inability to concentrate.

As you probably guessed, these conditions require multidimensional treatment: part of the treatment is aimed at the restoration of the normal condition of the body and brain, and the other part – on the relief of symptoms. For example, in sleep apnea it could be the loss of excessive weight that prevents patients from normal night sleep, or smoking cessation, etc. However, with narcolepsy it is not that simple – doctors still doesn’t know what causes such brain signals violation and are able only to recommend their patients to change their lifestyles to the healthier ones, and, of course, prescribe wakefulness promoting medicines. These medicines, by the way, are also used in sleep apnea, ADHD, and other disorders. They help not only to stay healthily awake during the daytime but contribute to the higher concentration.

What are the medicines to promote wakefulness in narcolepsy and other wakefulness disorders?

There are a lot of medicines based on various substances that promote wakefulness. However, the most popular ones to date are Modafinil-based ones that show not only their effectiveness in the wakefulness promotion but also are safer than the medicines based on other main components.

One of the most popular medicines to promote wakefulness and increase concentration is Provigil. The drug bearing this name makes a part of the drug class called central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. Such medicines act as natural hormones released by the brain to promote wakefulness in case such hormones doesn’t release in the sufficient amount during the daytime. The medicine is believed to be less harmful than other medicines based on previously used agents to treat excessive fatigue, sleepiness, and the decrease of cognitive function. It is also used for so to speak “off-label” cases meaning that it is prescribed not exclusively in the conditions it is approved for. Doctors are able to do so because numerous tests show the high level of effectiveness of the medicine and its safety even compared to caffeine. The medicine marketed in the USA under the brand name Provigil is also manufactured in different countries where it can be found under other registered names. For example, in Canada the medicine is called Alertec, in Australia and New Zeland – Modvigil, Vigicer in Argentina, and Vigil in Germany. The list can be continued, but we have already shown our point – regardless of the name, Provigil is available in any country. Worth noting that the price of the medicine is also different in all these countries. For example, you can buy as effective Modafinil-containing medicine made in Argentina three times cheaper than that you are offered to buy at your local drugstores. But how and where to buy this medicine to be sure that you receive genuine drug and save not on its quality but advertising costs exclusively? We can help you with that - continue reading and you will know how.

Where and how to buy cheaper Provigil?

As we have already mentioned, the medicines identical to Provigil are marketed in different countries under different registered names. Some of them can be significantly cheaper than Provigil you can buy at your local drugstores. In order to find them, you don’t have to remember all of their names. Online pharmacies have their own solution – simply look for Generic Provigil. It is a generalizing name under which online are sold various versions of Provigil starting from those made in third world countries to the European medicines. If you look for Generic Provigil, make sure before ordering to specify the country of origin. However, sometimes the country where the manufacturer works is not the main indicator of quality or lack of it. For example, the majority of the Eastern Europe is happy with the medicines made in India. Check for the unbiased reviews written by people who have already bought Generic Provigil online to know more about which drug is the best.

There is also a much easier way to find the best Generic Provigil: you can simply follow one of the links to the pharmacies from our website. We place on our web site links only to the pharmacies that proven their credibility and reputation, so you can order Generic Provigil from them and have a peace of mind.

Precautions when using Generic Provigil

Though we named this section using Generic Provigil name, it concerns also other Modafinil-based drugs. All of these medicines, including Provigil marketed in the USA have a list of contraindications, precautions when using with other medicines, and, of course, as any other drug – list of possible side effects.

In order to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises or even serious harm to your health, never start using the medicine without undergoing proper tests and consulting your doctor. No online source can make you a diagnosis and prescribe treatment plan with the use of Generic Provigil and other prescription medicines. If someone offers to help you with that – run for your life!

When consulting your doctor Provigil or Generic Provigil use, make sure to list all your ailments, disorders and medicines you use to treat them. A competent doctor will usually raise the question, but if not – you need to start this topic.

When you already use Generic Provigil, make sure to observe the recommendations and note the changes in your health and symptoms. Be attentive to any disturbances and do not involve in driving vehicles or operating machines when you are not sure if the drug provides a positive effect on your body and does not cause side effects. If you tend to forget such details as indigestion or whether you took your pill or not today, keep a journal to protect yourself from severe side effects occurrence or overdose. If you feel that the negative effects, any ailments, start to manifest after the use of the medicine, according to their severity contact either your doctor or call the ambulance immediately.